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In the darkest regions of TV Tropes, where it is always 3 AM and the day before work, a lone man shivers in the hallway. He does not shiver from the cold, for he is dressed warmly in a sweater and a thick cloak. He shivers because he is tired of drifting down the hallway, hour after hour, without getting any closer to what he searches for.

Who is this mysterious man, one wonders? Why does he wander through the halls of TV Tropes, wearing both a sweater and a cloak? Is he someone special? Does he know the answers to this place?


No, he does not have answers. He is just another wandering spirit, one of many who wander the halls. And there are many other spirits with more power than he. And he is far less remarkable than so many other spirits in these halls...

EDIT: Oh, dear. Poor me just started an inflammatory rant on the forums, and I flat out admitted I wouldn't talk back. This worries me. People could be calling me a troll. I'm too afraid to go look. Sure, there's no harm in looking, but ignorance is bliss, and I'd prefer to assume the best. I'm in a bit of a conundrum. How do I resolve this?


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