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Firebert is a fan of video games, several book series, a handful of webcomics, and a few anime.

His favorite anime include Bleach, Naruto, and Dragon Ball. His favorite games include Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon.

He first discovered TV Tropes on the Order Of The Stick forums, and it has since gotten him into:

He also likes Homestar Runner, from which he took his name "Firebert."

  • First vandalism! Yes! I'd ask you for a better commando name, but then again this still works. —Earl of Sandvich
  • Discworld For the Win, man! —Artemis92
  • ^Indeed. Thanks for reminding me to put it on my troper page! —montagohalcyon
  • The Zarakava has discovered you.
  • Seeing your troper handle made me laugh so hard I had to go rewatch the Cheat Commandos, thanks. —Augustine
  • Minesweeper DEFILED your page and ran around it.
  • I wrote hi on the wall. —PurpleCatnip
  • Wanderlust Warrior has invited you to trade vandalism.
    ...but trading is down.
  • You're one of my 10 favourite Tropers. :P ~kay4today
  • I see you around but never really greeted you. You're a cool guy. —Autumncomet


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