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Oh, hey there. My name's Eilis, but you can call me Eilis The Great!

Oh, and I am most definetly not a sockpuppet for Mega Magikarp. Nosiree, that 'aint me.

Graffiti here!

  • Bad Eilis! What did I tell you about using TV Tropes? -Mega Magikarp
    • That, uh, I don't know?
    • You should be fighting the zombies! Get back to work! -Mega Magikarp
    • Aw man, you never let me have any fun...
    • ...I'm sorry, Eilis. You can use TV Tropes if you want. Need a hug?
  • Hay there, megamagikarp's sockpuppet Eilis! -Compassionate Sadist
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  • Oh Hai Magi...Ellis! -Juancarlos11
  • I edit this page...FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!! -Thespacephantom
  • Hello there. ^-^ -Reo Sawaguchi
  • :3 >Glomps you< How goes it? -Enkufka

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