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I am chronically unpublished and don't know how anything works. Someone please tell me how to submit fiction to people so that they publish it. I also need my work edited. Someone please tell me how to find a good editor or how to do this myself.

I will eventually write the page for JG Ballard because he is one of my favorite authors.

I do stuff here and write stuff here.

Currently hammering edits into: Nick Cave and Electric Six.


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Graffiti goes down here:

  • loljk i just made this page

  • <copypasted onto my user page because i don't know what article to put it in yet> A recent interview with famous cyberpunk author William Gibson revealed that he now considers it impossible for him to write another "Neuromancer" in the 21st century because, as he put it, "The future is much narrower than it used to be" or in other words the dividing line between what is the present and what is the future has thinned. In prior decades and centuries it took much more time in between notable innovations for technology and society to evolve and prophetic science fiction set in the future had more room to breathe. Nowadays something new and advanced is invented almost daily. This has helped usher the concept of a future predicting sci-fi novel into cliché-status. Most any novel written about the future or dystopian society will be tagged nowadays as "prophetic" in spite of the fact that the future of technology, politics and science have become magnitudes more complicated to predict.

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