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My name is Vincente King But People Called Me Cente I'm 21 year old that Living the Life in a town called Loganville Georgia (not that y'all interested of hearing my backstory) I'm a Regular guy tracer/free runner for a Parkour team called Shadow Runners in Georgia I'm Originally from Saint Louis Missouri I practice The reason I got into Parkour is when I was doing capoeira. I first met Kyle Mendoza (all people know Him as "Epic 1") who been doing all Through capoeira Moves which actually a just tricking I asked how he be able to do all those he say that also does Parkour and free running which I saw one of his videos and which have to get into it right around when I was still the most inexperienced at it I learn from a few from others later when I moved from the STL to the Georgia I spread a whole year Practicing on my Parkour and making tutorials then a year later after I was making my samples I met another free runner Jose Ojeda he's good guy and later the team called shadow runners where 18-19 year old Asian guy is in charge but meet with other free runners in Georgia any ways I Called my self super Mario cause I Practice on my jumps when I parkour. long story short. and there any question You could also find me on You Tube I'm Also Known As STLhero09


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