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  • Nooooo! My vandalism! Oh well. Welcome to the manga and anime megathreads, where on-topicness goes to die. - Autumncomet
- Thanks :) Well, indeed threads are not too coherent, but the atmosphere is great here.
  • You're also probably mistaken for a girl because your current avatar is a girl. - Keyseeker
- Well, that might be also the factor. Some my e-friends joke that my Rule63 alter ego is called Zurako, since the guy from whom I derive my nick crossdressed in handful of episodes under that nickname. Anyway, I'll change my avatar soon, but I can't decide which I'll pick. - I wasn't thinking about NGE, actually. I guess I'll decide which to pick tomorrow, now my brain is kinda tired XD. Do you plan to watch the original series or get straight to Rebuild movies?
  • I have no idea which one I'll do. The library that I go to doesn't have either of them. - Keyseeker
- I recommend you both for better understanding. Each is set in alternative timelines which diverge after first movie/sixth episode. I recall you read Naruto in your library, amirite? Lucky you, there's no manga in the libraries I attend to. :( I have to buy them or resort to scans if they are not released in my country. Big 3 is published, but only Naruto is caught up with Japanese tankobons.
  • Good luck with your crack! ~Saiga
- Thanks [waii]. Good luck with your fics too :)
  • The Burger King wuz here - Shlugo The Great
  • Dragonball, Naruto, Berserk and NGE. You have good taste, Katsura-san. Just saiyan. 8D - kay4today
I need to update the page though. I read many news things since I made it. XD - No problem :3

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