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An Australian troper who happens to be a Defense Attorney. Has pulled off many a Courtroom Antic, and had his Crowning Moment Of Awesome when he was defending his twin sister on a drug possession trial, when he successfully showed that it was possible that the drug was planted on her by someone else - by placing a small package the same size as the key drug evidence in question on the Prosecutor as he was speaking to the court, arguing that it was impossible for Tamsin to not realise someone had placed something in their pocket. This troper then asked the prosecutor to check his pants pocket, which he did. Hilarity ensued, and this and the other evidence caused her to be found innocent.


Well, not really. But wouldn't that be awesome?

In reality: Young law student, has a keyboard with a missing key (the one between H and K!), and enjoys Warcraft, The Punisher, American Dad, and Phoenix Wright (go figure)

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