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One of the few known prohets of Elenore Baker. Not much is known about her, other than she pops up in the stangest places preaching the word of Elenore Baker. The only known folk lore about her is that she witnessed Elenore's death and was so moved that she coverted on the spot. She is also been known to seek a way to join her deity's side without dying and hunting the ever elusive Elenore plushies. Other sources speak of an Assassin Cross of the same name, others speak of clerics,thieves and wizards. If this all the same person then Elenore has gained a powerfull servant indeed. It has also been said she has an alliance with Koveras , to what purpose this alliance serves few know. Elenore puts her on clean up detail when she threatens Margaret. Elenore knows full well that Bocayuki wouldn't carry out the threat. Bocayuki tends to get upset at the fact that Elenore treats Margaret as her master still when it SHOULD be the other way around, a fact that Elenore also fully knows.