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I'm a B Sc holder, currently working at either a bank or EMT (depending on time of day) until I can save up enough to go further who also loves anime, games, languages, music and the occassional creative writing. While I like this site, I'm more of a Drive-By Updater, and update here and there, with the exception of one which is more of a personal project, making sure when I do update, it follows proper guidelines.


I have played flute since second year of secondary school, and continue to play it in University. Weirdly enough I am one of two people in band who are not music majors, so I keep getting asked if I am a music major... which I wish... but alas I do not take classes for hobbies, because then its no fun at all.

I adore Atlus and by adore, I will buy their games, with the innate fear that something can and will go wrong. And then play a game like say... Pokemon to reclaim my gaming dignity and sanity, except I will then proceed to make a team of Eevees which until recently was a rather arduous task. I also play Phantasy Star Online 2 and Final Fantasy XIV when the time is avaiable to do so.


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