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I've decided it's finally time to stop lurking and get myself an account. I'm probably going to elaborate once I learn the wiki formatting better, as checking on other pages every time to see how each kind of markup works can get quite tedious.

And yes, "Ogg" part is from there.

This Troper contains examples of:

  • Deadpan Snarker -Normally, I can be complaining about things a bit too much, but once something really bad happens, I switch to this. It's like a Goddamned Bishonen Line, only with angst.
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  • Dogged Nice Guy - I try not to.
  • Grammar Nazi - luckily, I've got only one specific grammar pet peeve, and it's not translatable to English. (Dwa. Tysiace. Dziesiaty. Nie dwutysieczny dziesiaty.) Amazingly, even my Polish teacher used to mistake that one.
  • Nice Hat - A pilot hat, a tricorn, an umbrella-hat-thingy... I just like nonstandard headwear.


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