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“And do you swear to me that you have not touched her?” “Whom?” said Gringoire; “the goat?” “No, that woman.” “My wife? I swear to you that I have not.”

heya! i'm bandtrees, a local lurker-turned editor. you can find me mostly on the fanfiction forums and various forum games! i write fanfiction as a hobby - my ao3 is here and my is here! i'm also prowling tumblr under the same username i do here!

i use he/him, i'm 18, aaand i hop fandoms and interests like crazy. you can probably catch me entry pimping my favorite thing of the week, though i try my best to be accurate with it! while i've been a longtime lurker, actually editing the site is new to me, and i do hope i don't bungle anything too badly ^^" if i do, don't feel bad about taking down an edit of mine, eheh

my avatar (at the moment anyway, if i leave this page and forget to edit it even after i change it, then it's the page image) is fanart of pierre gringoire and djali from hunchback of notre dame, drawn by sealbatross on tumblr!


now onto the lighter stuff:

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... aka, where my positivity and love for idealistic stories clashes with my love for edginess and angst XD

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