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Hello, folks, it is I, anamonkey-heroic pose-! I am a troper who enjoys troping and is currently 12 years old. I roam around the site, posting on the Forum Games. I'm female, for those of you that still don't know me. I like animes and I'm currently reading a bunch of books because books are the bomb!I have a hamster and will sometimes randomly talk about her.

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Vandalize at your own will!

  • What's this? A page caught off its guard? —a vandal
  • Greetings. Coffee? *holds up flask* - Bisected8
  • How did I forget to vandalize this!? I am so sorry, anamonkey. I cannot fit the role of your older cousin anymore. Walks off into the sunset - BlackHoleOfFood
  • Hey there, cousin-in-law. Land Of Gold
  • Hi, Troper who I have never seen before! :3 ~Fuzy2K