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Ameliette, usually known as Amy Cherryclaw (also responds to Aami), is a Finnish university student, majoring in English language, literature and translation, and minors in information studies, in hopes of becoming a librarian / translator.

Amy writes a lot, and is well known in the Finnish Warrior Cats community as the admin of Nelipuu, one of the earliest fansites for the series. She usually frequents another site's chat, though, and is always spamming people with her writings, which she comes up with on a weekly basis. Most of her stories are placed in, or are related to, Random Jedi Order, a multicrossover 'verse with c. 10 fandoms.


In-Finnish only works/RP chars:

  • PPTP, an HP-story collection, where Amy's character is named Emily 'Amy' Spica Prongs-Black.
  • Verikosto, a Finnish story RPG, where Amy plays a character named Spica Black.
    • The RPG is set in futuristic Los Angeles, and the player chars are all murderers, terrorists or other kind of criminals. Spica is an assassin, madam and a drugs dealer.
  • There are also other works Amy is slowly working on, most of which are various RJO-Amy-in-other-fictional-universe stories. Most of them are also in Finnish, to the enjoyment of her fellow chatters.

As a sidenote, hates coffee, dislikes bacon, and loves broccoli.