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You know what ? I could write something here. I know I could. But I won't. Because I think writing is overrated. Why write when you don't have anything to say ? Because you want to waste people's time ? Because of a weird outburst of outstandingly unfunny non-inspiration ? Pick one, I'm too lazy to do so myself.

I'm so lazy in fact that I haven't even made one new trope on here, or even an edit for that matter. The time will come one day when I decide to buckle up and drive the trope-car to new heights (or lows), and when that day comes, beware !


Has the uncanny power of shutting down any conversation for an effective 24 hours on almost any given forum thread.

Feel free to add tropes and stuff to this page, I won't mind. Go nuts !

  • Hello! I'm vandalising your page!! I am also using an unnecessary number of exclamation points!!!—JHM

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