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Hello, my name is Achurai. I am a bisexual, discordian, sadomasochist (strongly leaning masochist(, furry, cloudcuckoolander, who often swings (mood-wise) into a cynic who wears Jade-Colored Glasses. I I am prone to bursts of Brief Accent Imitation. I am an acrophobe, and a bit of a Chivalrous Pervert. I was born with hypersensitive ears, and had to undergo training to allow me to be able to handle popcorn popping across the room. I still have better hearing than most, and have been called a schizophrenic by people that didn't know of the hearing issues because I was hearing things that most people only subconsciously notice. also taught myself to read at the age of 4 and a half, read War And Peace at 9(ish) and at the age of 8 would have been allowed into Mensa. I am a Combat Pragmatist, but also a Technical Pacifist, who greatly prefers to avoid combat. My main 3 failings are: Non aquatic/martial arts sports, organization, and humility, as you can probably see from what I've written so far. I have failed to quit Tvtropes, after around three months of being clean, as of september the fourth, of this two-thousand and tenth year of what some might call the year of our lord. I am slightly ashamed. My other aliases are Amethustos and PasIvre. congratulations on finding this, but your journey is not over yet. if you have found the spool, then you must bury it at the coordinates the thread revealed. then, go to the president and show him what you found while digging. The Order will guide you from there. However, if the spool has not been found, then abandon hope.