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Trivia / Victor & Hugo

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  • Absentee Actor Count Duckula, Igor and Nanny guest star in the episode 'Treasure Haunt', but Igor is not given any lines due to Jack May not being cast in this series. It's explained away as the butler sulking with his master and 'he's not speaking to you until we're home!'. The bunglers pet parrot Interpoll is also silent in his brief appearance in this episode despite David Jason still being present to voice his other characters.
    • Hawkeye Soammes, a character also voiced by Jack May in his appearances in Count Duckula, guests in several episodes in this series, voiced now by Brian Trueman. As a supporting character though, it's far less noticable than if one of the other actors had filled in for Igor.
  • Spin-Off The titular characters are redesigned and fleshed-out versions of Gaston and Pierre from Count Duckula with the same actors. Noticably however, Victor's voice is a bit deeper and more sauve than Gaston's.

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