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Trivia / Victor and Valentino

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  • Actor Allusion: Javier, the Rufio-esque leader of the Skate Park kids, is voiced by Dante Basco.
  • Descended Creator: Victor is voiced by series creator Diego Molano.
  • Multiple Languages, Same Voice Actor: Diego Molano voices Victor in English and Spanish.
  • Name's the Same: Vampirina also has an episode called "Cuddle Monster".
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Valentino was voiced by Rico Rodriguez in the pilot, and voiced by Sean-Ryan Petersen in the official series.
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    • Production wise, voice director Wes Gleason worked on the pilot while Colette Sunderman directs the series proper.
    • Grandma Chata is played by Carla Tassara in the pilot, but was replaced by Laura Patalano for the series.
  • What Could Have Been: At 1:06:20 in this podcast, Diego Molano mentioned that he was not meant to be the original voice for Victor, but because he had a specific voice in mind for the character, he would up doing the voice himself.


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