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  • What Could Have Been:
    • The game’s title (sans the Grandpa’s Leftovers suffix) came from the initial gameplay premise of controlling two appropriately sized protagonists to solve puzzles. Originally set to be a kind but dim companion to Tiny, Big changed considerably during the design process and ended up being “an ugly little blob with underpants on his head,” at which point he became the game’s primary antagonist.
    • Tiny’s design is derived from the look of the main characters in The Coalmanikins (an earlier comic book project by his designer Sebastian Stamm), who were essentially living charcoal briquettes. The last part of his outfit to take shape were the goggles, which came after the demo’s initial release.
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    • The game’s art style as a whole, while still recognizable, changed considerably between the Up That Mountain demo and the final game, most notably in the color palette. The demo made heavy use of gray and dark green environmental features instead of the teal/beige contrast present in the final version, and the character designs bore a closer resemblance to Stamm’s earlier comic work (particularly in Tiny’s eyes — narrow, long and blank in the demo, round and understated in the final game).
    • Grandpa’s Leftovers was billed as “Episode 1” of a series before it released, but the final game came out as a single release.

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