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Trivia / The Demolished Man

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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: The book mentions in passing that Penn Station was 'destroyed for reasons lost in the confusion of the late XXth Century'. Ten years after the book was published, the station was indeed destroyed despite widespread protests.
  • Deleted Scene: The magazine publication includes various sequences not present in the book:
    • A prologue describing the discovery of antigravity, the origins of the Esper Guild, the rise to power of the Reich and D'Courtney dynasties, and where the murder weapon came from.
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    • Reich has meetings with several of his subordinates, all of whom give him the unwelcome news that the D'Courtney Cartel is outcompeting them.
    • T8 [Tate] attempts to back out of accompanying Reich to Maria Beaumont's party, only for Reich to blackmail him into obedience.
    • Several of the guests at Maria Beaumont's party are named and given backstories.
    • While attempting to find D'Courtney under cover of the Sardine game, Reich encounters Duffy Wyg& and Galen Chervil. This leads to a minor plotline where Galen falls in unrequited love with Duffy, to show why Espers can only love another Esper.
    • Forensic ('Moltec') teams are shown tracing the movements of Maria's guests.
    • When Crabbe interrupts Powell's presentation of his case to the District Attorney, he has with him the 'real murderer' — a deluded member of the public who has convinced himself he was the killer.
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    • The last scene includes Powell's First Kiss with Barbara.
  • Technology Marches On: The state-of-the-art prosecution computer is a room-sized mainframe that takes its input on punched paper tape.

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