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Trivia / Streets: A Rock Opera

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  • Executive Meddling: The subtitle "A Rock Opera" was forced onto the album by the label.
  • Missing Episode: A number of tracks meant to be on the aborted double CD ended up being released on other albums or cannibalized into different songs. Among them:
    • "When the Crowds Are Gone", released on their preceeding album Gutter Ballet.
    • "DT Jesus", later released on the From The Gutter to the Stage compilation.
    • "Desiree", released on a later re-release of Streets.
    • "Stay", an accoustic version was released with The Wake of Magellan.
    • "Tonight I Would Be King" and "Sanctuary" were both dropped.
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    • "Larry Elbows" and "Beyond Broadway" were both written into songs for Jon Olivas Pain.

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