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Trivia / Star Trek: Enterprise S01E13 "Dear Doctor"

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  • Executive Meddling: The head of Paramount Pictures required changing the script submitted (see "What Could Have Been") so that everyone would support the decisions of Captain Archer, leading to the ending we got.
  • What Could Have Been: The final draft submitted to UPN had Phlox discover a cure, but keep it a secret from Archer, claiming that the Valakians' genetic structuring is "too fragile" to be tampered with. Archer asks T'Pol if the Vulcans could find a cure, but she says they wouldn't know any more than Phlox, and since there's nothing more they can do, they should give them what medicine they can and leave. The episode ends with Phlox admitting what he did to Dr. Lucas.
    "I couldn't bring myself to alter the evolutionary process on this planet. I consider myself a man who values Human compassion… but I find myself, in this case, a slave to Vulcan logic. Have I made the right decision? I suspect I'll be asking myself that question for many years to come."