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  • What Could Have Been: Doug Dorst has revealed some ideas that he wanted to include in the book, but ultimately had to scrap.
    • Dorst initially wanted to include more Feelies, and even compiled a list of 80-100 possible items, but decided to cut several of them out of a concern that they would bore readers.
    • Dorst did want to include physical objects as Feelies, in addition to paper documents, such as a key from Straka's typewriter, but had to rule out the idea as it was deemed impractical.
    • Dorst was tempted to physically write out every single document that was mentioned by Eric and Jen, but ultimately decided against it as it would have been immensely time-consuming.
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    • Dorst has no plans to write out any of Straka's other books, but did note that it would be fun to do so.
    • While no plans have been announced for a sequel, Dorst has stated that if such a book were to be written, it would follow the same dual narrative format.
    • The story told through the marginalia was originally significantly longer, but Dorst had to cut about thirty percent of it because the book's designers told him that the story in its original length would not fit in the margin spaces that were designed for the book.

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