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  • Originally, the channel was supposed to be a live LP channel under the name of "Lack of Logic Commentaries". It would have featured Runner Guitar and some of his friends as commentators. Including "Pan Sensei" "Citizent Ross" And "Scotty". However, due to scheduling problems, difference in commentating style and the such, the group was disbanded, with Runner taking over with the channel now called "Eclipse/Create".
  • The Novel written by Runner went through many different Versions, including many different names, some include:
    • Legend of Luis
    • Soul of Tambrak
    • Eclipse
    • Broken X Souls
  • The Name "Runner Guitar" Comes from the fact that before doing LP's and commentaries, he was planning on doing a channel of Guitar Covers, the name representing his fingers running on the neck of the guitar. This lead to some rather repetitive jokes when he joined some forums.

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