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Trivia / Osamu Sato

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  • Ascended Fanon: Linen's nickname became official with the release of Grateful In All Things, which is published by a "Linen Records", using Linen as its logo.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Pretty much all of Sato's games and most of his music is this. Very few copies of his works are in circulation, and when they are, they tend to fetch prices in the hundreds-of-dollars range. Taken up to eleven with Mono and Linen Sampler; the former had grand total of five copies produced and the latter was never officially released.
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  • Missing Episode: Rolypolys no Sekai Ryokou is this as of October 2021. Chu-Teng and Rolypolys no Nanakorobiyaoki used to be this as well, until copies of those games resurfaced in 2013 and 2019 respectively.