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Trivia / Ogre Battle

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  • No Export for You: Tactics Ogre both averts this and plays it straight all at the same time. While it is possible for non-Japanese gamers to play the game via either the PS1 version or the PSP remake, the original Super Famicom version never saw an international release on the SNES. This means that the Virtual Console release of Tactics Ogre is only available to Japanese Nintendo gamers, while non-Japanese Nintendo gamers are missing one of the games on their Virtual Console (Ogre Battle and Ogre Battle 64 did get released on the American and European Virtual Consoles due to having been released on the SNES and N64 internationally back in the day).
    • This trope was also played straight with Europe when it came to all of the original retail releases of the games. Up until the Virtual Console releases of Ogre Battle and Ogre Battle 64, and the PSP remake of Tactics Ogre, European gamers never got to experience these games in the PAL format back when they were brand new.
  • The Wiki Rule: Ogre Battle Saga Wiki.


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