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Trivia / Kingsley's Adventure

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  • What Could Have Been: In later years, evidence has popped up on the Internet of removed content, implying the game had far more ambition than time and budget would allow. To name a few:
    • Kingsley was originally going to be a rabbit, not a fox, as shown in these concept designs. This explains why his foster parents are rabbits, his home being Carrot Castle and why he jumps down rabbit holes (hastily renamed "foxholes" to address this).
    • According to this listing, the data files contain references to "Sven", "Crab" and "Sylvester", complete with boss fight soundtracks. Some dialogue dug out from the data files can be seen here.
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    • Kingsley was to be accompanied by a supporting NPC, "Erica", but this either never made it past the sketches or she was completely removed altogether. There's a baby otter among the sketches too, but that's even more of a mystery.

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