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Trivia / Duck Tales The Land Of Tra La La

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  • Edited for Syndication:
    • The Toon Disney airings of this episode edit out the scene where Fenton and Scrooge use Scrooge's medicine to create an explosion in order to get Launchpad to notice them. Because of this, it creates a very noticeable plothole where the two's clothes are suddenly in tatters for no apparent reason, along with a rather abrupt cut from them not knowing how to attract LP's attention to them yelling at Launchpad, who clearly has already noticed them.
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    • Further edits were made to remove any and all references to Scrooge needing/no longer needing his medicine, or taking his medicine at all, apparently interpreting it as endorsement of drug use/references to addiction.
    • Another edit was made to remove one line of dialogue that was apparently deemed too stereotypical ("You lucky, lucky, lucky"). Oddly enough, other stereotypical Asian Speekee Engrish were kept. It is speculated that the line was removed out of fears of it being Mondegreened into a similar sounding four letter word, similar to what happened to "Work, work, work!" in Sir Gyro de Gearloose.

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