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  • Ascended Fanon: Some fan suggested that the head of the Socialist part of Germany should have the title "Oberster Politischer Kommissar", which became canon.
  • Name's the Same: Somebody (the fanfic writer to be exact) fancied a non-existent link between the assassinated German general Uhrlau and the real person Ernst Uhrlau who headed the German federal intelligence (the BND) from 2005 to 2011.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: The author originally had planned to call the internet of this world "Weltnetz" but found out that German neo-Nazis use this term already for the existing internet, so he changed it to "Weltsystem".
  • Write What You Know: The author did CS studies and is also German. He stated that his Germanwank essentially runs on this because it's nigh impossible to competently employ local colors, proverbs and a global language that you know nothing about. note 
    • Another reason was having a good villain for a desired Bait-and-Switch factor: The original version featured Japan instead of China as the other superpower beside Germany and a traveller from our world might easily assume it to be a very weird "Nazis victorious" timeline at first sight.
  • Write Who You Know: Tatjana and Topper are based on two real computer cracks.