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Trivia / Bull of Heaven

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  • Author Existence Failure: Clayton, tragically, in 2016.
  • Doing It for the Art: To the point that their releases are released into the public domain. On their Facebook, they seem to generally give a thumbs-up to when people use their material in other projects (e.g., films).
  • Playing Against Type:
    • It still fits the duo's drone-rock theme, but Of What Far Sea Upon What Unknown Ground is less than five minutes long.
    • I Watched You Enter Your Home From Inside A Dumpster is not only short (at 7 minutes), it's a simple piano piece.
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    • While the band is best known for their extremely repetitive, stripped-down, unproduced sound, A Feeling for the Order Lying Behind the Appearance is an intricate avant-garde jazz piece using many instruments and production techniques, and Four Years Ago? Opium. is an extremely short experimental hip hop piece.
    • 2013 saw Bull of Heaven release a multitude of stoner rock pieces, all of varying lengths.
    • The band also released a fan-made collection of love songs called Songs for Girls in early 2014.
    • The Roman-numeral pieces can sort of be seen as this, eschewing long, wordy titles for simple Roman numerals.

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