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Trivia / Buffy the Vampire Slayer S4 E9 "Something Blue"

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  • Completely Different Title:
    • French: "Le Mariage de Buffy" (Buffy’s Wedding)
    • German: "Mein Wille Geschehe" (My Will Be Done)
    • Portuguese (Brazil): "Uma Ligeira Tristeza" (A Slight Sadness)
    • Spanish (Latin America and Spain): "Algo Triste" (Something Sad)
  • Deleted Scene: This line was cut:
    Buffy: "So she did a good spell — but the plan kind of sucked. I mean, she’s the one stuck eating pellets out of a plastic cup."
  • Role Reprise: In what may be the shortest in history, Elizabeth Anne Warren returned as Amy Madison for less than 4 seconds of screentime. (She later got a proper reprise in season 6.)
    Willow: I mean, first she's a perfectly normal girl... [Amy, behind her, becomes human again and looks overjoyed]...then POOF! — She's a rat. [Amy's a rat again] I could never do something like that.


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