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  • Missing Episode: Not all his plays survived the fall of the Roman Empire. Aristophanes wrote his earliest known play (The Banqueters) in 427 BC. He wrote his last known play (Aiolosicon) in 386 BC. With the lack of more recent plays used to estimate that he died c. 386 BC. In a career that lasted for 41 years, Aristophanes is estimated to have written at least 40 plays (with several of them known by title). Of his entire work, 11 plays have survived mostly intact to the 21st century: 1) The Acharnians (425 BC), 2) The Knights (424 BC), 3) The Clouds (original 423 BC, the one which survives is a revised version completed between 419 and 416 BC), 4) The Wasps (422 BC), 5) Peace (421 BC), 6) The Birds (414 BC), 7) Lysistrata (411 BC), 8) Thesmophoriazusae (c.411 BC), 9) The Frogs (405 BC), 10) Ecclesiazusae (c. 392 BC), and 11) Wealth (388 BC). All his other works are either completely lost, or only small fragments survive from said works.
    • Though also something of an inversion- virtually all other examples of Athenian Old Comedy are lost to us, the surviving Aristophanic plays being the only ones remaining.
    • Also, The Frogs gives us excerpts of some missing Aeschylus and Euripides plays. Furthermore, Thesmophoriazusae gives us a few of Perseus lines from Euripides' Andromeda, as well as a parody of the title character's soliloquy.

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