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  • Author Existence Failure: It is unknown what exactly happened to Nathaniel Savio, the comic's original writer. Apparently he vanished off the face of the earth after shipping out with the military. Even Peter Haynes, who originally only did the comic's artwork, has lost all contact to him. Luckily for the readers, Haynes picked up the pieces and continued the comic (though see the next entry), despite being left with little to no information about where the story was supposed to go.
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  • Schedule Slip: Notable in that Haynes tends to draw the strip as though it's a seasonal TV program, with a break of several months between strips at times in addition to normal delays. Following an announcement of family health problems in July of 2011, the comic produced one strip in December of the same year, and then one in June of 2013, and then another longer spurt of activity in summer of 2014. As of fall 2014, updates have ceased again.

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