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Trivia / Across The Void

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  • Fan Nickname: The story has been mockingly referred to as "Across the Flop" because many players are disappointed at its low quality despite the huge excitement it created when it was first announced.
  • I Knew It!: Many players have long suspected that Artemis is up to no good. Their suspicions are confirmed in the finale, when she's revealed to be the Jura general who triggered a series of bombs in the Atlas, one of them severely injuring Holmes.
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  • What Could Have Been: When this book was first released, "Book 1" was shown next to the title, showing that it was originally intended to be a series. However, due to multiple complaints of lack of Character Development, bad pacing, too little focus on the Vanguard-Jura conflict, and, later in the story, the fact that many characters (including love interests) required players to spend diamonds to save their lives, the story was ended in one book.

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