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Timeline / Guardian Ghost

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Distant Past

  • George and Frank deal with their Enforcer problem (1???)


  • Dave is born (August 22nd, 1992)
  • Clarence/Clara are born (January 12th, 1993)
  • Max is born (August 27th 1996)
  • Clara gets leukemia for the first time, survives it (1996-1997)


  • Dave dies of unknown causes (Jun-July 2010)
  • Clara's leukemia makes a comeback (October 2010)


  • Clarence and Clara turn 18 (Jan 12th, 2011)
  • Clara dies from leukemia complications, Clarence slips into water a week later, this triggers their Ghost/Spirit link (Late January, 2011)

    Main Series 


Prologue (May 18th 2012)

  • Max gets hit by a car, Dave revives him

(not shown in series...yet)

  • Max spends all summer recovering from his injuries (May-August 2012)
  • Max turns 16 (August 27th 2012)

Chapter 1 (September 8th 2012)

  • Dave and Max meet again, and deal with their very first Enforcer that night
  • Meanwhile, Clarence has his hand bitten by a tiny Enforcer

Chapter 2-4 (September 9th 2012)

  • Dave and Max try to figure out what is happening to them and why, Max figures out how Dave saved his life.
  • They meet with Frank (and Dave meets George)
  • Max and Dave meet Clara, and later Clarence.
  • Clara discusses the nicknames and the Ghost/Spirit/Enforcer terms with them
  • They have their first "field fight" and Max shows off incredible power

Chapter 5 (October)

(I'll do this later)


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