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Maxwell Timothy Tabzrt "Max"

Our panicky protagonist, Max survived being hit by a car a few months ago (thanks to some ghostly help) only to encounter ghost monsters that want to kill him again.

  • Defence Mechanism Superpower: His Ghost Energy, which kicks in during times of major stress, like with panic attacks
  • Cast from Hit Points: The Ghost Energy, it doesn't cause pain but it takes the thing that killed him during the car hit (a broken rib slashing a lung) and makes it heal backwards. This can become incredibly dangerous very quickly depending on how a Spirit died.
    • It does heal back quite fast afterward
  • Golf Clubbing: Uses a golf club as his weapon.
  • Exhausted Eye Bags: He sports these all the time
    • This is a wicked common thing for Spirits given their nightly fights
  • Look Both Ways: Max died this way He got better
  • Nervous Wreck: All the time. He probably has some sort of undiagnosed anxiety disorder
    • The constant stress he's under, doubled with severe lack of sleep, is just making this worse

David Lee(roy) Coonsin "Dave"

Max's ghostly partner who shoved Max's soul into his body (on accident) and is more than happy to see him again. Even fighting the monsters sounds pretty cool!

  • Fiery Redhead: Played with
  • I Meant to Do That: Most of Dave's important canon decisions involve this somehow, most notably Max's Revival. He honestly thought that shoving Max while he was panicking would snap him out of it. It technically worked
    • Another instance where this came in handy in Chapter 6-1, when he tries to calm Max down with physical contact, not realizing that him being closer to Max actually stifles Max's insane levels of Ghost Energy, and once again he manages to make things work
  • The Nicknamer: Dave has nicknames for everybody. He's awful at remembering names.
    • Max is "Lanky Dude", Clarence and Clara are "Blue-Twin" and "Pink-Twin"


Clarence Wilcott Truman

The stoic veteran that's in the same situation as Max and Dave are, only his Ghost is his twin sister, Clara. And he's been fighting monsters for 8 months.


Clara Marie Truman

Clarence's bubbly twin sister, who helped teach Max and Dave the Ghost/Spirit terms and is one heck of a fighter.

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