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Tear Jerker / The Well of Loneliness

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  • Anna Gordon disowning her gay daughter. Contrary to what one might have expected, she doesn't scream or cry - she is utterly calm and cold as she tells her own child that she would rather Stephen were dead than a foul abomination, which makes the whole scene even worse. It is bloody tough to read.
    • And added to that is (as the book points out) the certain, unbearable knowledge of the millions of children who have heard such words from their parents, and who will continue to hear such words in the future.
  • Barbara's death is visible from a mile off, but the truly devastating moment comes when Jamie, in her grief, cries that she won't even be allowed to publicly mourn the woman she loved for the sake of her reputation. Attending the funeral or simply tending to her grave will be denied to her.
    • Hot on the heels of that Tear Jerker comes Jamie's suicide.

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