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Tear Jerker / The Goodies

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  • Tim in "Lighthouse Keeping Loonies", when he is unwell mumps and trapped up in the lamp room by the other two. He ends up hollering for them to come and get him, thinking that they're ignoring him, when, in reality, they simply cannot hear him. He spends the rest of the episode being easily upset and miserable, and gets little sympathy.
    • He gets upset again when he ends up crash landing on the roof (It Makes Sense in Context, sort of), but Graeme is too distracted to offer any sympathy.
  • At the beginning of "The Baddies", when the Goodies get their trandem stolen, and seem to be hated by everyone they meet. When they go to the police station, Tim starts sobbing about how he wants their bike back, with Bill comforting him.
    Tim: (miserably) I want my trandem back.
    • He breaks down again when the police officer starts picking on them, and its made sadder by the fact that Bill and Graeme seem worried about him, with both of them calling the police officers out for their rude behaviour.
      Bill: Look what you've done now. You've made him cry.
      Policeman: Good!
      Tim: (sobbing) We've never done anything wrong in all our lives.
      Policeman: Pansy!
  • The ending of "Earthanasia", even though it is played for laughs, is a really depressing Downer Ending.
    • The scene where Graeme tries to get Tim to release his inhabitations through hypnotising him (it makes sense in context) starts out funny, but soon becomes a bit of a tearjerker when Bill and Tim start getting tearful.
  • Likewise, the end of "The End" is rather depressing when you think about it.
    • When Tim gets drunk, he ends up getting a bit tearful and says to Graeme: "Graeme?! You don't mind me calling you Graeme, do you, 'cos you're the only friend that I've got in the whole world."
  • At the beginning of "The Goodies And The Beanstalk", The Goodies are having a really hard time being homeless (apart from Graeme, who is somehow living in luxury in the park), and Tim and Bill start howling about how much they hate being poor.
    • A bit later on, Bill's reaction to the news that they will have to sell "Buttercup" the trandem is just heart breaking. He is visibly upset by the news, only to be mocked for it by Tim. In the morning, he takes the trandem down to the market, but everyone just laughs at him for having such an ugly bike, and he ends up in tears. And when he trails back to Tim and Graeme with only a tin of beans in his hand, they are horrible to him and take great pleasure in pouring the beans over his head.
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  • In "Women's Lib", Tim gets upset when he's left home alone when Bill and Graeme have both gone out with their dates. It's particularly sad when you consider how much crap he's already put up with in this episode.
    Tim: I'm going to have a jolly good cry.
  • You have to feel sorry for Tim and Bill in "Bunfight At The OK Tearooms", when they arrive just as the cream runs out, and break down crying in each other's arms.
  • Tim and Bill start crying at the end of "Tower of London" when they realise the mistake they have made.
  • When Bill steals and abuses his pantomime horse (It Makes Sense in Context) in "Black And White Beauty", Tim is devastated, and runs away, sobbing, with tears running down his cheeks. It becomes hilarious when he shoves Graeme, who is holding his arms out sympathetically, away, making him tumble into a stack of boxes, but it is very sad while it lasts.
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  • After he yells at and fires all of the directors in "The Movies", Tim bursts into tears the moment he leaves the room.
    Tim: I suppose you think I was too hard on them? (Starts bawling)
  • A meta example but definitely the biggest example on this page - On the 12th of April 2020, Tim Brooke-Taylor tragically died of COVID-19 at the age of 79. He will be deeply missed.

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