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Tear Jerker / Teri Gumball: In Between Worlds

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     Nighttime Attack 
  • Gumball in the beginning of the story. He's completely depressed for three straight months because of his breakup with Penny. His friends and family have tried to be supportive of him, but that did nothing. He became a lot more distant from everyone, and they become very concerned about him (except for Ms. Simian).
    Gumball: It's been about three months, but I still can't believe that she's gone.

     Bridging The Gap 
  • Teri's lack of self-esteem and wishing she could do more in the fights with the Nephilims and feels like nothing but a burden to Gumball.
  • Gumball and Darwin finding Tobais in the corner with his face in his knees. When he looks at the two, he was clearly crying.

     Looking Glass 
  • Rob finding Rachel in the void and trying to reunite her with her family, but they don't remember Rachel and told both of them to leave.
  • Darwin asking Carrie if Gumball has gotten over Penny. She was going to tell Darwin the same thing. They both know he's showing sides of recovery but he is still carrying a lot of baggage.

     Forest Of Light 
  • Gumballs speech to Teri:
    Gumball: "Yes, this one is more intimidating because of what we do and don't know about it, but we should at least face it so that all those uncertainties no longer become uncertain. Even if it is too much for the both of us, we can go get Rob and hope that him being there helps even the odds a little. If it's still not enough and we're defeated…" he paused then continued "... then at least we tried. We knew we were going to defend Elmore to the end and… and… (sigh) we both knew that it was a possibility anyway because nothing lasts forever." The last line he reminds himself about Penny.
  • Teri telling Gumball that everyone was affected by Penny moving away. Leslie was disappointed that he won't see his cousin again at school, and the cheerleaders were sad that they lost one of there best members.

     Burning Skies 
  • Teri's jealously of Sherry. She was unsure of why she changed her outfit to get Gumball's attention because he only said he wanted to see how Sherry performs with her sqaud.
    Inner Demon: "You're afraid he's going to be so blown away by her that he'll forget about you entirely."
     Fear Without Form Part One 
  • Tobias' parents fighting because his Mom thinks that they are missing something or someone, and when either him or his dad ask her:
    Mrs Wilson: I don't know, but it's someone really important and I can't stop wondering if they're out there.
  • One of the casualties of Silver Twelves rampage was Marvin one of Grandpa Louie and Richard's friend.

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