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Heartwarming / Teri Gumball: In Between Worlds

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     Giants Of Old 
  • Gumball was so amazed by Teri's paper manipulation, the spark of adventure that he thought had been extinguished reignites, and his burning desire for infinite possibilities of fun returns.
  • Gumball asking Teri to hang out with him. This was the first time someone wanted to hang out with Teri out of legitimately interested in her.

     Magic For Teri 
  • Gumball calling Teri very pretty. It was supposed to be meant as a way to apologize for hurting her feelings, but in truth, he did find her very attractive.
  • Gumball laughing with Teri over her favorite show and regrets calling the show garbage. He does discover that Teri has a good sense of humor.

     Bridging The Gap 
  • Gumball telling Teri how much she helped him through out the story
Gumball: Of course you've done a lot, Teri! You've done so much for me in the past month: you've managed to pull me out of a depression that has been plaguing me for three months (although I still have some issues to settle), you've helped me fight the Nephilim by making sure that I can keep up with them, I have been saved by you on many different occasions, you took down Toxic Pill's shield all on your own, your second plan succeeded in defeating Concretin, and you're really smart and observant. You're awesome Teri and if it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't be here to say these things.
  • Tina and Tobais forming a friendship after he apologized to her, thanks to Gumball and Darwin.
  • Gumball thanking Teri for being by his side when he was standing up to Tina, as he would've ran away the moment things got rough. He was blown away by her bravery and wanted to be bold like her.

     Looking Glass 
  • Rob helping Rachel try to get back to her family even though it failed. But he has her as his roommate and one of the few people that he has as a friend.
  • Gumball thanking Teri for helping him by being supportive and a good friend after his breakup with Penny, Then tells her that it's because of her that he is getting better, and Teri thanking him for hanging out with her as it made her gain more confidence in herself and making her feel less lonely.
  • Teri and Gumball holding hands while Teri is the one dragging Gumball to the Industrial Section.

     Forest Of Light 
  • Rob telling Hector that he should go talk to someone and find that if they have similar interest or traits. He tells him it came from personal experience.
  • Rob telling Hector that Rachel is the closest friend he has.
  • The two of them doing a pun war which looks more like their flirting which each other.
Teri:"Is this going to be a theme from now on because I'm not sure if I can get use to this!"
Gumball: "Mmm, don't know really. I save you, you save me, I think it all evens out well if you actually think about it, but to be fair, in the past month or so, I have been falling for you a lot lately."
Teri: Aww, really!? That's so sweet! You're the air under my wings, just to let you know!"
Gumball:Well, I'm glad to know you think so, I think it's plane to see that you're quite clever yourself when making puns."
  • Teri telling Gumball that she is not going to make him tell her of how he felt about Penny's departure and breakup. If he wants to talk to her about it, she is willing to listen to him. She knows that she can't take the pain away, but she will be there for him.
Gumball: Thank you. I will talk about it when I'm ready and I'm sorry for blocking all you guys out when I was dealing with our breakup. I didn't think everyone was talking it as hard as I was and was completely wrapped up in how sorry I felt.I should have reached out to everyone else who knew her.
  • After Gumball apologized to Teri and indirectly all his friends for pushing them away while he was depressed she then corrects herself
Teri: No,no,no,no I didn't mean to make you feel bad for feeling sorry for yourself. Everyone handles grief there own way, we knew why you weren't talking to anyone and we understood that you needed a little space. I just wanted to let you know that you don't have to keep this pain to yourself and you can talk to me or anyone else really if you need to.

     Buring Skies 
  • Carrie protecting Darwin from the blob monster in the science lab.
  • Gumball making sure Teri doesn't have any of the blob creatures remains on her. Even though she wouldn't have been hurt by the monster, he wanted to make sure she was okay.
  • Rob and Gumball seeing Teri fighting Uriel as there both surprised that she is beaten him.
Rob: When the heck...
Gumball (amazed): Did she get so COOL.
Rob (confused): I was going to say "did she get so strong", but yeah I guess what you said was better.
  • The two of them hugging each other after Gumball returns to fight Uriel after he kills Uriel's puppet.
  • Gumball telling Teri how Awesome she is
Gumball: First I find that you can create living paper animals and objects to save and help others, then I find out you're a brilliant observer and planner, followed up by a skilled magic user and fighter, and now you can throw Nephilims around with no help whatsoever.
  • Teri just looks as him as Gumball finishes what he was saying.
Gumball: Will you ever cease to amaze me?
     Fear Without Form Part One 
  • Teri and Fujikima consider Gumball a part of their family and jokingly telling him that he will never leave their house again.

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