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Tear Jerker / Sparks

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  • "Slowboat" is an uncharacteristically sincere, emotionally gripping song about waiting, perhaps futilely, for your lover to come home after they've left you for someone else.
    Slowboat takes me to your home every day
    And I wait for you, knowing that you won't come home
    Just today
    For you've found someone new, and you bid me adieu
    And I leave you now, but I'll come back another day
  • "Fletcher Honorama" is about a man remembering fond things on his deathbed.
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  • "With All My Might" is generally a sweet Silly Love Song, but it also takes on a sad, honest tone:
    But you're independent
    And maybe you'll leave someday
    I'll try to say that's okay
    With all my might
  • "Rosebud," despite the loud, bombastic '80s production, is a harrowing song about a man trying to comfort his dying wife after they get in a serious car accident.
  • Their comeback single from 1994, "When Do I Get To Sing "My Way?" takes on a melancholy edge once you realize that at the time, Sparks were going through a decline in commercial rewards and popularity.
  • "All That" is a heartwarming tear jerker, what with it being about an old couple looking back on their lives with a wistful happiness. One could also interpret some of the lines in the song as Ron showing his appreciation and love to his little brother.
    I don't need to fool around and I don't need to drool around
    I'm with you till God says it's time to go
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  • "Please Don't Fuck Up My World," an uncharacteristically serious song about how much both the natural world and a person's personal world need to be cared for.

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