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Tear Jerker / Princess Silver

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  • The flashback to Consort Yun's death. As she dies she makes the emperor promise never to give Wu You a high position, because she wants her son to be free.
  • Rong Le hears a conversation between Wu You and Wu Yu, gets the wrong impression, and thinks Wu You has only been using her to find the missing book. Worse, this happens just after she learnt Rong Qi was using her as a pawn in his schemes. She reacts... badly.
    Rong Le: Do you think that I'll trust you? You are just like them. On the surface you say that you care for me. But you're actually setting me up and using me to get what you want.
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  • Fu Chou imagines he sees his real mother standing beside him. When he moves towards her she disappears, and he's left staring at where he thought she was.
  • Hen Xiang's death. Even when fatally injured she ensures her daughter is safe, then she collapses. She dies leaning against Fu Chou, who's also fatally injured.


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