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Tear Jerker / Power Pack

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  • Issue #42 – 44 of the original series, Douglas Carmody becomes a monster and exposes the kids’ secret identities to their parents. Although it also gets a very Heartwarming moment when the parents stand up to the demonic Carmody and declare they still love their children, it’s very sad to see them succumb to a mental breakdown because of this discovery, to the point that the kids fear they actually have to leave their parents for good since they can’t cope with this. Good thing the New Mutants undid all of it.
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  • The last issue of the original series: Alex has seemingly become a Kymellian forever, Mrs. Power is going insane, and in the end the whole family has to relocate to the Kymellian world, tearfully saying farewell to Franklin since they will probably never come back.

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