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Tear Jerker / Number the Stars

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  • The Nazi Occupation, especially from the Rosens POV: you are just living your life in your home country when these racist thugs invade and take over the country: now you have to contend with the restrictions put on people of your religion and now even have to fear deportment, and eventually death.
  • Lise's death when she was barely 20 and the fact that she was deliberately killed and her parents had to keep it a secret for a few years from Annemarie and Kirsti.
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  • Ellen's distress when the Nazis are approaching Annemarie's bedroom where she's staying over and Annemarie is trying to take off the Star of David necklace that could give her away.
  • At the end Peter was executed by the Nazis and was not buried next to Lise per his request.

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