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Tear Jerker / Michael Jackson The IMMORTAL World Tour

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  • The second scene has "Childhood", set to images of happy animated fantasy lands, with another screen showing child MJ staring out the window, with a sad facial expression.
  • The "Ben" sequence is cute and very funny, but hearing his child voice is just heartbreaking, especially after the music pauses on "I'm sure they'd think again..."
  • "Gone Too Soon". The floating animal heads and colours, not to mention the protagonist with a desperate face reaching out to one of the dancers.
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  • "Human Nature" counts as this, Heartwarming and Visual Effects of Awesome all at once. The Sparkle Light Suits, the multicoloured twinklings, and the image of MJ staring out the window as a kid.
  • "Heal the World", oh man... his "you're always in my heart" speech said through sobs will incinerate you completely. Just beautiful and tearjerking.

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