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Tear Jerker / Megadeth

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  • "À Tout le Monde", a heartfelt wish for the narrator's friends and family to go on with their lives and remember him fondly as he lies on his deathbed. Many a metalhead have chosen this song to be played at their funeral.
  • "Promises" is a song about being unable to be with your significant other due to social circumstances, but choosing to wait for them in the next life or the after life.
  • Nick Menza's light-hearted comment on Evolver (featured also on Arsenal of Megadeth) becomes this after his death.
    Nick Menza: Why do I wanna play in Megadeth? I wanna play in Megadeth because it's the most intense music I could think of that I wanna play. I don't wanna play anything heavier than that, because I wanna live to be 60.note 
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  • "Tornado of Souls", despite it's fairly confusing and disturbing lyrics was in fact a breakup song, written by Dave the day he broke up with his then-fiancé of several years.
  • "Forget to Remember" can be this for those who have relatives with Alzheimer's, as it narrates the memory slippage it causes in a heartbreaking manner.


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