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Tear Jerker / LEGO The Lord of the Rings

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  • Gandalf the Grey, Boromir, Théoden... each major character death in Lord of the Rings is played very faithfully to its movie counterpart (complete with dialogue from the films), and they're all heartbreaking as a result.
    • All except one — when you play through Helm's Deep, you'll see Haldir dueling an Uruk-hai atop the wall. No matter how quickly you climb up there, the orc will kill the elf. Haldir doesn't have a cutscene, dialogue, or anything - he just dies during the level and there's no way to save him. What a Player Punch.
  • While Played for Laughs in making Gimli seemingly overreact to when someone dies, the voice clip used for each instance is when he's grieving for Balin in the first film, making it much harder to enjoy the comedy after the events of The Hobbit.
  • The fact that the Battle Of The Five Armies DLC was cancelled in 2015, leaving the story of The Hobbit unfinished, and Christopher Lee died in that same year, ensuring he could never reprise his role as the narrator.