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Tear Jerker / Ghost in the Shell (1995)

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  • Though sad moments can be rare, the results of hacking can be heartbreaking at times; one notable example is in GITS 1, when the trash collector commits crimes because he believes his wife is having an affair, and his daughter thinks he is the parent having the affair. Upon being arrested, however, it turns out he not only has no wife or daughter, but he has been living alone in a tiny apartment, and the photo of his daughter was just a picture of him; in actuality, his memory was manipulated, brain possibly damaged, and his life potentially ruined because the Puppet Master wanted to be free.
    • Of course, this scene is also a perfect demonstration of just how far apart on the Sliding Scale Of Silliness Vs Seriousness the movie and manga versions are. While the movie plays it for all the sadness and horror it's worth, the manga treats it as a source of Black Comedy. The last scene of the chapter shows the garbageman back at work the very next day griping about how humiliating the whole mess was while his partner ribs him about it!