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Tear Jerker / Blazer Drive

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  • In a two-part chapter Daichi enters a race to get back a Mysticker for a family whose son died in said race (though it's implied he was sabotaged). The mother of the family is in ill health and will likely die soon, and mistakes Daichi as her deceased son. Daichi manages to win the race but arrives at the house just in time to witness the mother die. She dies happy that she got to see her "son" one last time.
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  • Akashikibu's Freudian Excuse: After her one-hit-wonder actress mother dies after she (Murasaki) overhears some jerks call her that, she became obsessed with preserving "shine": if you can't "shine" forever, you'll be forgotten. When she's defeated, just before she she's overtaken by the ice, she finally remembers her mother's last words: "My real 'shining moment' was giving birth to you." And then she's frozen. And mocked. And blown up.


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