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Tear Jerker / Beloved

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  • Genesis feeling real grief when he learned from Cloud about Zack's fate. It can be a bit heartwarming when Genesis considered Zack very important to him, as he was the last human connection with Angeal, the SOLDIER who had fought him and shown him the path to restoring his honor.
  • Most of Cloud's case in this story. You can already tell that Cloud is having a hard time that you felt really bad for him. Sure we all know he finally forgive himself, but ever since the Deepground Uprising, things didn't go well for Cloud. Even after that incident, many civilians grew more fearful of SOLDIERs. Because of that, Cloud kept wearing his sunglasses in public, even at night, as he felt discriminated with his Mako Eyes. Not only there are most civilians that are afraid of him, there are some group of teenagers that resent and harass Cloud, wanting him to leave the Edge before he becomes a monster to destroy the Edge.
    • Then those teenagers were killed, and Cloud stumble upon the scene at the wrong place and the wrong time, and things went downward that most of his AVALANCHE friends, aside Vincent and Red XIII, starts to doubt him. Cloud slowly starts to lose all his trust with his friends, including Tifa, as they reluctantly agree with Reeve's "protective custody" order for Cloud. So much for moving on a normal life.
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  • Weiss's Death. Genesis finally admits that Weiss was lost to begin, especially at the time when Sephiroth took over Cloud. The Water was already used up on Cloud. With the water gone, Genesis was forced to finish Sephiroth off, which is also bit of a Mercy Kill for Weiss.
  • Elena's Death off-screen. You can tell that the other Turks didn't handle the news very well.
  • The Destruction of the Church is really devastating. The Church is in complete ruins, all the flowers either burned away or buried, and the spring water being completely buried underneath the dirt and rubble, it is beyond repaired. And who knows what ever happen to the Buster Sword there...

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