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Tear Jerker / Araburu Kisetsu No Otome Domo Yo

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  • Niina had some experiences where she was harassed. As a result of this, Niina tried to ignore boys which became more problematic when she began to mature.
    • The fact that she became infatuated with her acting teacher note  and asked him to "do it" with her when she was 14 years old speaks volumes about how warped her mind had become from the encounters.
      • Heck, she even goes to her former teacher and asks him to kiss her so she could feel something. She voices her disappointment once the kiss ends. Worse, despite making it clear to Kazusa that she did not have any feelings for Izumi, her teacher coerces her along into chasing him by stating that he wanted to experience the last of her inner child before her impeding season.
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  • Kazusa loves Izumi but her fear of sex repeatedly gets in the way of her progress.
  • Rika finds herself in a position of being bullied relentlessly by her classmates because of her aggressiveness that was due to her upbringing. Fortunately, Shun is the only one that treats her with kindness and respect, which became mutual on her part.


Episode 3
  • Kazusa becomes depressed upon hearing Izumi innocently say that he had no interest in doing anything with other girls, especially with her. She then makes him repeat a phrase continuously so she could leave.

Episode 4

  • Kazusa becomes distressed with the idea that Izumi might fall for Niina instead of her.

Episode 5

  • Hitoha starts crying over how her work was mediocre at best. Just goes to show that despite her trying to understand sex and gain experience with it, she is still just a young, inexperienced girl deserving of a hug.
    • Her attempts at trying to woo Yamagishi fail miserably, culminating in her running away in humiliation.

Episode 6

  • Kazusa continuously beating herself up whenever she thought of how inferior she was to Niina.

Episode 7

  • Shun becomes depressed when after asking Rika if she could join him on a date at the culture festival, he is turned down by her. At this rate, both of their hearts could be expected to become broken in the end.

Episode 8

  • Rika spots Shun conversing with another girl and is understandably upset by it. Thankfully, when she confessed her feelings to him at the bonfire, he reciprocates it.
  • As a result of her former art teacher's coercion, Niina disrupts the reading and places her hand on Izumi's chest. Kazusa, who had previously dispelled the notion that Niina felt that way for Izumi, nearly gets the wind kicked out of her, making her nearly reconsider confessing to Izumi.
  • While Satoshi was overbearing in his interactions with Momoko, you can't help but feel that Momoko could've let him down more gently.
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  • Niina apparently didn't take her rejection from Izumi gracefully and decides to allow herself to obsess over him. The implications of this act endangering her friendship with Kazusa is concerning.

Episode 9

  • Momoko tries to confess to Niina to keep her from intruding in Kazusa and Izumi's relationship only to be told that she thought it wrong for friends to have "ess-ee-ecks."
  • The brief look on Niina's face when she realizes what she made Izumi do speaks volumes about how even she is unsure why she did it, and the realization that there was no going back. Her friendship with Kazusa for all intents and purposes is over.

Episode 10

  • Hitoha breaking down when she realizes that regardless of her attempts, Milo would not feel that way towards her.
  • Rika's reaction towards Jujo leaving school due to getting pregnant.
  • Niina is so enraptured in her thoughts, when Momoko confesses to her, she breaks down at the revelation and for one of the first times in her life is unsure about the next course of action.
  • Satoshi reveals his true colors and tries to force Momoko to apologize to him for embarrassing him in front of his friends. She then has a mental breakdown when Satoshi grabs her arm while they're in a public place. To add insult to injury, Satoshi accuses her of being crazy and a slut for going on a date with him when she wasn't romantically interested.

Episode 11

  • The episode opens up with Sonezaki still being distraught over what happened with Jujo leaving the school in the previous episode.
  • Hitoha not understanding why she liked the pain that she felt in regards to her teacher.
  • Shun and Sonezaki get in trouble after they were sighted at the love hotel in the previous episode, and both face the risk of expulsion.

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